Point de vue de candidat : David Morelli

What do you do?

I help organizations promote and protect their brand, products and people. In particular, I help manage issues and crises that could blow up, or already have, and threaten to damage your reputation and business.

Area of expertise:

Corporate communications strategy/planning, reputation/crisis/issues management, executive training (leadership, media, presentation), Thought Leadership platforms, internal communications, social and digital content strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications

How do you help organizations?

I manage issues and crisis situations with a disciplined approach: assessing the situation, determining priorities, conducting scenario mapping, and projecting potential implications to your reputation and business – all to inform and accelerate management’s decision-making. At the same time, I lead the development of corporate positioning and responses, and coach executives on communicating with confidence to reassure anxious employees, customers, investors, board members, etc.

My most successful issues management results are the ones you never hear about. They are managed deftly behind the scenes, with no public disclosure or blowback.

Top Experience/Previous Interim Placements:

I carry the battle scars of crisis management experience working at some of the most respected brands in Canada, including senior roles at TD Bank and Tim Hortons.

Most recently, I was brought in as interim VP, Communications by AIMIA/Aeroplan to help manage an unprecedented series of business and corporate reputation crises. An activist board attack, resignation of a CEO, appointment of a new CEO and an unsolicited takeover bid by Air Canada – all in three months. I worked alongside senior management to develop multiple communications strategies and stakeholder messaging. In the middle of these chaotic disruptions, I co-led the development and execution of the company’s public AGM with Legal and Investor Relations teams.

Other things you should know about me:

I’m a former award-winning journalist, taught the first post-graduate social media course in Canada, play hockey year round and refuse to cancel my weekly hard copy of the Sunday NY Times.

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

Focus, discipline, composure, and the ability to lead management through the fire with confidence and resolve. Crisis situations are not for the timid – it takes courage, bold actions and inspiring communications to protect the reputation of executives, the organization and your business.

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