Interim Executives are Available When You Need Them Most

From crisis communicators, to HR, technology, supply chain and senior finance leaders, interim executives are available to help your team asses it’s needs, build a strategy and quickly execute. Our candidates are qualified, pre-vetted and are experts at being onboarded quickly and working with your team to delivery maximum results. Need help? We’re ready to get you the help you need in as little as 72-hours.


Able to engage with stakeholders at all levels, from C-suite to frontline staff and everyone in between.


Driven to deliver exceptional results, regardless of the company, industry, sector or locale.

Thinkers & Doers

Thinkers & Doers.
Capable of working both strategically and hands-on to deliver tangible results quickly and effectively.


Focused on continuous improvement and delivering sustainable results for your business.


Able to flex to an ever-changing business environment and tackle challenges as they appear.

Meet the Talent

Ian Grégoire, Finance Executive

“I work closely with the business to help deliver results be it via driving revenues, containing costs or managing capital. ”

Meet Ian

Mullieka Pellerin, Strategy & Public Affairs

“I work with companies to improve their processes using 6 Sigma Methodology, a Continuous Improvement Mindset and Lean Manufacturing Practices.”

Meet Mullieka

Jeremy Rocca, Digital Client Experience Design & Delivery

“I have achieved success in my career as being the bridge between marketing, design, and technology.”

Meet Jeremy


Lisa Papas, Strategic Communications and Crisis Management Executive

“I’m able to quickly assess situations and develop new communications strategies that help drive growth and revenue.”

Meet Lisa


Steve Jones, Executive Management, Communications, HR, Strategic Planning

“I have run not-for-profits as President & CEO and held executive positions in the private sector with international organizations. ”

Meet Steve


Carol Kotacka, Strategy & Public Affairs

“I’m a results-oriented leader specializing in external strategy, change and issues management in local, national and international markets.”

Meet Carol

Janice Craig, CFO, VP Finance

“I assist organizations in developing long and short-term strategic plans, cash management including development of realistic budgets, identifying areas of improvement that will improve operational success.”

Meet Janice


Dean Lucrezi, Operations & Risk Management Executive

“Regardless of the crisis or business challenge, I listen first, show empathy, stay calm, quickly gather facts, collaborate, communicate with executives and subject matter experts and immediately execute a strategized plan.”

Meet Dean


Scott Hardy, Executive Leadership

“I help transform businesses by applying a deep understanding of technology and operations and using it to innovate and grow.”

Meet Scott


David Morelli, Corporate Communications & Crisis Management

“My most successful issues management results are the ones you never hear about. They are managed deftly behind the scenes, with no public disclosure or blowback.”

Meet David

Mimi Lowi-Young

Mimi Lowi-Young, Organizational Change 

“Not everyone has what it takes to be successful as an interim executive. Flexibility and adaptability are key.”

Meet Mimi

Eitan Dehtiar

Eitan Dehtiar, Finance Executive

“Typically, interim assignments are not ‘business as usual’ projects. I enjoy helping organizations navigate these transformational situations, as they present unique challenges, interesting growth opportunities and a chance to make a tangible difference.”

Meet Eitan

Michael Gagnier

Michael Gagnier, IT Executive

“Having a range of senior leadership experience in various industries has helped me succeed as an interim executive. Interim executives need to quickly gain the trust of those in their organizations and rapidly assess the current situation in order to start making decisions for success.”

Meet Michael

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