Scott Hardy, Executive Leadership

What do you do?

I help transform businesses by applying a deep understanding of technology and operations and using it to innovate and grow. I also help develop and enhance stakeholder relationships with customers, employees, partners, and boards/ownership.

Area of expertise:

  • Overall general management
  • Strategy planning and development
  • Business transformation and change execution
  • Sales and business development
  • Business & financial acumen.
  • Coaching and mentoring executives, management and staff
  • Employing technology for business advantage (ex: SaaS & digital transformations)

How do you help organizations?

I help organizations determine what’s working and what’s not and help assess a business’s execution, but it really starts with an appropriate strategy and ensuring that it translates to ALL stakeholders: customers; employees; partners; and the ownership and investors. One of my core strengths is to identify the strategy or vision and repeatedly communicate how each stakeholder receives value and in turn, delivers value. Understanding each role provides clarity, buy-in, simpler execution and reduced conflict.

Top Experience/Previous Interim Placements:

  • CEO, DDS Wireless International Inc.
  • President & Managing Director, Hardy & Associates
  • Vice President, IBM

Other things you should know about me:

Of course, I am passionate about success, but I am equally passionate about continuous learning. Success comes by taking calculated risks—often out of your comfort zone—learning best practices, and acknowledging and examining past failures. I am not afraid to make mistakes because I learn from them.

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

My performance improves throughout a crisis. I have found that all stakeholders seek clarity and information. I endeavour to share information. Often.

While leadership is not a democracy, it is about active listening. I am able to quickly prioritize and determine a course of action and where required, mediate decisions.

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