Filling a C-Suite Skills Gap

In this highly competitive, rapidly changing environment, it is critical for businesses to have the right executive talent in place to grow and compete. But what happens when a key executive falls ill, leaves suddenly, or needs to be exited from the business for performance reasons?

When teams are running lean, losing a key player--whether planned or unplanned--can slow down momentum and result in missed opportunities. Rather than hit the panic button, consider bringing in an interim executive to fill the short-term C-suite skills gap, and buy you organization some time to find a full-time replacement. 

Our skilled interim executives can provide a steady hand to:

  • Manage a transformational shift 
  • Take control of a project in crisis 
  • Drive implementation of new IT infrastructure
  • Guide and nurture a team until a full-time leader is hired
  • Tackle financial, HR, communications, operational or reputational crises 
  • Mitigate the risk of a prolonged vacancy
  • Assist with restructuring or downsizing

Access a Seasoned Interim Executive who will make an Immediate Impact


Turn a planned (or unplanned) vacancy into an opportunity to drive value, by temporarily replacing the absent team member with an interim executive who can make progress on your to-do list.


Navigate challenging conversations during restructuring and downsizing. Bringing in an external party to lead terminations can forge stronger bonds with your existing team.


Provide extra manpower to drive urgent projects that have come off the rails. Attending meetings, managing vendors, controlling project costs and timing: an interim executive will propel the initiative forward with your best interests at heart.


Clean up reputational, financial or operational messes left in the wake of the sudden departure of a full-time executive.


Avoid missing market opportunities that could pass you by with the absence of a key skillset or leader.


Ensure your existing team doesn’t get burned out by stretching to take on more responsibility to cover an absent leader.


Fill a C-suite skills gap when you’re not sure if/when your full-time executive will return from an unexpected, open-ended leave.

Why Trust Us with Your C-Suite Skills Gaps?

From start-ups and scale-ups to big-name corporate brands, our clients depend on us to ensure that the best possible candidate is appointed to every role, every time. Working with Odgers Interim means that you’ll:

Access leading change-makers

Access leading change-makers, communicators, thinkers, fixers, launchers and builders
by experience, industry or functional skill set - through Odgers Berndtson’s vast executive networks.

Place candidates faster than you thought possible

Place candidates faster than you thought possible.
In 72-hours, we can match you up with pre-qualified interim talent so you can get a growth strategy in place and get to market faster.

Save time, leaving the rigorous vetting to us

Save time, leaving the rigorous vetting to us.
We’ll draw the perfect, pre-vetted candidates for your needs from our network of proven leaders.

Secure high-caliber talent at low-risk

Secure high-caliber talent at low-risk.
We manage all the contract details for you and set each interim executive up for success.

Pay only for what you need

Pay only for what you need.
Our contract terms allow you to pay as you go and set up your talent as needed (by project, daily, hourly, etc.)

Bring in execution capacity, as well as strategy

Bring in execution capacity, as well as strategy.
Not all projects can be tackled by a single executive. If you need multiple resources to build out a dream team, we can help with that too.

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