Become an Interim Leader

Why Consider Working as an Interim Executive?

Are you interested in a career as an interim executive? Here are a few benefits of working with Odgers Interim:

  • Get matched with a role that fits perfectly with your background, experience and work style.
  • Make a meaningful impact in a short time.
  • Be challenged by applying your transferable skill set to a new industry or function.
  • Access the best opportunities and negotiate better contract terms with the support of Odgers Interim executive talent experts.
  • Enjoy a fulfilling career with lots of flexibility. 

--Jim Carfrae, Interim Marketing Executive

"Odgers intimately understands the best way for interim executives to help organizations, and that is exactly how they present. They know how to set up interim executives for success. They let us know the company situation and what to expect, and provide ongoing check-ins and counsel for the situations we find ourselves in."

--Jim Carfrae, Interim Marketing Executive

Do You Have What It Takes?

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an interim executive? We’ve found that these characteristics are good predictors of success: 

I have 10+ years experience in a C-level or VP role.

I've developed deep industry and functional expertise.

I have a track record of results I can speak to.

I get bored after the problem is solved.

Climbing the corporate ladder is no longer my primary motivator.

My skills are highly transferable, and I'd like to try a new industry or function.

I’m too young to retire and have so much left to give.

I prefer not to be tied down – [Insert your 4-week adventure here].

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