Steve Jones, Executive Management, Communications, HR, Strategic Planning

What do you do?

I have run not-for-profits as President & CEO and held executive positions in the private sector with international organizations. I have also chaired Boards of not for profits

Area of expertise:

  • Executive team leadership
  • Communications brand management
  • Sales & media training
  • Government relations
  • Human Resources

How do you help organizations?

Critically important in these challenging times, I evaluate current situations and plan go forward strategies to adapt to new paradigms. I work to ensure that the right staff are in place and can coach them to achieve their potential. I also help profile the organization both internally and externally to demonstrate a progressive, strong culture that people can count on. Ensure that the organization is using the newest and best technologies to navigate this new world in the most cost-efficient ways.

Top Experience/Previous Interim Placements:

I recently completed an 18-month assignment as Interim President & CEO of Childhood Cancer Canada. I was President & CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada and was Senior Vice-President of Siemens Canada. Was also Chair at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Other Things You Should Know About Me:

I love life and try to bring a positive outlook to everything I do. A great day for me is being connected to others. I have rebranded organizations, creating national and global logos/names.

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

The way through a crisis is to create an atmosphere of calm, teamwork, and positivity. And my decades of leadership experience in both the private and public sectors gives me the confidence to jump into any situation, evaluate, recommend, and implement.

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