CEO x 1 Day

Exclusive to Odgers Berndtson globally, CEOx1 Day is a unique initiative that gives third and fourth year university students an opportunity to spend a day in the shoes of a senior executive. Through a rigorous selection process, Odgers Berndtson will identify students with outstanding leadership potential and match them with a CEO from a leading Canadian organization. A different roster of CEOs participate every year, past participating companies include IKEA, Cineplex, Lululemon, CISCO and Purolator.

"Our CEOx1 Day program is designed to uncover Canada’s most promising future talent, while giving CEOs an opportunity to connect and better understand what drives this next generation of leaders," said Carl Lovas, Canadian Chair at Odgers Berndtson. "For students this is a tremendous opportunity to observe a talented CEO in action – providing them with inspiration, role modeling and a road map for their careers."

Initial applications are screened based on the student’s academic record, their resume and a short written essay about leadership. Students selected to advance to the second phase will be asked to complete an online leadership assessment from Hogan and Performance Programs Inc. – which will provide them with feedback on their leadership skills and help them in choosing their career path. The third phase involves telephone interviews and, finally, for phase four, semi-finalists will spend a half-day interacting with Odgers Berndtson consultants, participating in group exercises and one-on-one interviewing. A total of 11 finalists will spend a full day shadowing a CEO, learning about their background, career path and leadership approach.

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"What we do and how we do it has a major impact on every client and on the lives of the people we recruit. Getting it right really matters and we are determined to do it well".

Richard Boggis-Rolfe, Odgers Berndtson Group Chairman