Tal Bevan, Chief Revenue Officer

What do you do?

I work with all sizes of organizations (start-up to $billion+) to align and develop resources to accelerate top line growth.

Area of expertise:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Client Success
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • General Management

How do you help organizations?

Acceleration of top line growth is a core competency. It requires setting a strategy with a unique value proposition, making the key decisions to enable the strategy, and developing the team to ensure precise execution. This approach resulted in leading market share with Lucent Technologies /Octel Messaging Division, WorldCom Canada, and Ceridian Canada. It also secured sales growth more than twice market rates with Lucent Technologies, WorldCom Canada, MTS Allstream, Ceridian Canada, Architech and Pathway Communications.

Top Experience/Previous Interim Placements:

At a software development company, in six months:

  • Tripled sales
  • Quadrupled leads generated
  • Grew pipeline of opportunities by three times
  • Built a partner driven organization from scratch
  • Restructured the sales teams, and
  • Built an incubation practice.

Other things you should know about me:

I work with teams based on five principles:

  • Lead Then Manage
  • Develop Our Team
  • Make Accountability Our Trademark
  • Listen First
  • Build a Winning Culture

What other clients say about me:

“Tal is an exemplary leader with a deep understanding of business, the art of performance, and the broader communications/IT space. He brings high energy, an open mind, and an iron determination to improve every situation I've seen him in. This is a powerful combination with his natural integrity”

Dean Prevost, President, Rogers for Business

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

My superpower is developing and aligning diverse teams towards a common vision to produce exceptional results.

At Group Telecom, we produced a $200 million profit improvement by reducing staff from 1,400 to 400 while achieving net new sales targets and retaining more than 97% of revenue during a formal CCAA restructuring of the company.

At Allstream, we reduced the sales management team by 50% in the first 60 days; redeployed the resources to direct client facing roles which doubled sales and returned the company to growth after 10 consecutive quarters of decline.

At Ceridian Canada, we recognized smaller entrants were winning in areas where we could not effectively compete. We developed and implemented a new on-line payroll subscription service in under three months, ramping recurring monthly revenues to more than $1 million in under 12 months.

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