Kimberly Boyle, Human Resources Executive

What do you do?

I am a senior HR Leader and I partner with my CEO and Executives to increase competency within the organization, effect culture and find People solutions to key business issues.

Area of expertise:

  • Cultural assessment and strategies to improve the workplace environment
  • Talent acquisition and talent management – keeping organizational objectives at the forefront
  • Compensation management as a tool for engagement and focus on corporate priorities
  • Partnership on ensuring safety even in some of the most complex and dangerous work environments
  • Communications to Board, Executive, Team and Organization

Top Experience/Previous Interim Placements:

I led all People related functions for a company completing a 4 way merger. We worked to merge differing cultures and practices while communicating effectively to all levels and attaining the Board committed synergies while maintaining service and safety standards.

How do you help organizations?

I work to assess challenges then create action plans to address key People issues including gaps in succession, talent acquisition, and leadership competency.  I form relationships quickly and build trust through shared success.

Other things you should know about me:

I’m a recently retired hockey goalie, but also love my creative outlets as a novice but hopeful artist.

What other clients say about me:

My former teams are still professional friends - we’ve built lasting relationships. References are always available!

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

Every crisis benefits from a cool assessment of the organization’s needs, personable approach to those in crises and clear, simple communications. I’ve brought these talents to assist in past crisis situations during a 4 way merger and a previous acquisition.

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