Janice Craig – CFO, VP Finance

What do you do?

Financial stewardship of largely public companies as well as experience consulting with privately held organizations in diverse industries

Area of expertise:

  • Managing budgets and cash flows
  • Transformation and change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Managing 3rd party relationships
  • Leading and developing teams of employees and consultants
  • Risk management

How do you help organizations?

I assist organizations in developing long and short-term strategic plans, cash management including development of realistic budgets, identifying areas of improvement that will improve operational success. This would include processes, staffing and then implementation of the necessary changes. Mentoring of teams and liaising with 3rd parties such as bankers and investors to identify funding, regulatory agencies, governments, and auditors.

Other Things You Should Know About Me:

I love outdoor activities and love to cook and entertain friends.

What other clients say about me:

That I am driven and will do what it takes to get the job done.

Your superpower for managing through a crisis:

The ability to think outside the box, extensive change management and strategic planning, communication, exceptional organizational skills, and ability to multitask.

At Conuma, a startup, I was tasked with implementing necessary processes and systems to enable accurate and timely financing reporting. In addition to that, however, I was also tasked with completing a full audit file within 2 months to facilitate the company’s ability to acquire new funding. This was a big undertaking, since there was financial reporting at the time, nor the necessary processes to do so. There was also illiteracy of the ERP system by the finance team and a large issue with the inventory management system. This required me to plan and develop an execution stretegy to present to the president and leadership team, in order for me to hire a team of consultants to assist in implementing the necessary changes and complete the audit in the time required.

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