Odgers Interim Process

While we operate with speed we do not sacrifice quality.  In fact, we take our extremely robust and effective selection process and add another level to screen for the essential qualities that make a good interim executive.  This ensures that only the very best interim candidates are presented to clients on a short list of two or three, and that all have all been fully briefed by us, interviewed and immediately available.

With a successful  track record of providing interim executives for the past 20 years we have  a good understanding of what qualities and skills are needed to be successful as an interim executive.

At the start we ensure there is a really clear brief about your specific deliverable outcomes. This helps us to identify the right interim executive in terms of skills and experience.

We then seek out the most suitable candidates for each executive interim position from our close network of experienced interim executives and our extensive database. Once we have established who is currently available, we shortlist and send you their details.

Our service also includes assistance during the selection process with administration, travel arrangements, reference taking, background checks and in providing  the use of our offices for interviews if needed.

Odgers Interim oversees the agreement of terms and the contractual process between all parties.

During the assignment we keep in regular contact with the client and the interim executive to ensure the project is on track and to make sure we can deal with any potential issues.

At the end of the assignment we request feedback from you to make sure you are satisfied with the way the interim process has been handled and the performance of the interim executive.