How can executive interim help?

Executive interim can help you to meet all kinds of business challenges, from change management and transformation projects, to conducting due dilligence, and to meeting specific short-term skills gaps. 

Think of the problems your business is facing today and consuming your leadership team's time. How valuable would it be if you had access to someone who has experienced the same issues several times with a track record of successfully solving these issues?  Odgers Interim provides you with access to that asset at a fraction of the cost of what a consulting firm would cost.  Not only will you get the solution but you will obtain the execution of the solution as well. 

The clear advantage that executive interim brings over other options is the ability to quickly bring in experienced executives to work alongside your existing team, introducing new skills, applying deep experience and leaving a valuable legacy. 

It’s all about finding the right person with the right skills. Effective interim management will establish best practice learned at the highest level. It will create permanent and beneficial change and inspire your management team long after the appointment has been fulfilled. 

Executive interim is a flexible and cost-effective solution for transformational change. We have a proven track record in introducing experienced interim executives with the knowledge, skills and objectivity needed to push through major initiatives.

Odgers Interim expertise includes:

  • Broad and diverse network of senior executives who are committed to interim work.
  • Experience in executive interim involving all functional disciplines in business, government and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Wide reach, both locally, nationally and globally through our established network.
  • Ability to identify pre-qualified, interim executive candidates quickly, usually within 3-5 days.
  • Rigorous standards and methodology to ensure a match in ‘fit and talent’ (experience, skills, corporate culture and chemistry).
  • Commitment to ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients, their culture and market environment.
  • Close working relationship with our clients throughout both the candidate selection process and during the assignment to ensure a successful achievement of objectives.

Alternatively, call our expert team and we can discuss how executive interim could help your organization.

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We were impressed at how quickly Odgers Interim responded. The previous CEO’s last day was the 13th of April and by the first week in May, I was in the new Interim CEO’s office for orientation. It was like lightning.

Sandra Aylward, Board Chair and Vice President of professional and regulatory affairs at Sobeys Pharmacy Group.

With an Interim Executive, never be under-resourced or over-stretched again

Private equity companies are using Interim Executives to accelerate growth and maximize value.

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